Here Is The Best Guide To Help You When Buying Dogecoin

buy dogecoin

Dogecoins are indeed one of the newest currencies on the market today though not quite like any other that you might be familiar with. That being said, what exactly are these coins, and why should you consider investing in them? Well, if you haven’t already heard about Dogecoins, then let me enlighten you right now.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013. The coin, whose mascot is the ShibaInu dog from Japan, has been running on the Litecoin protocol since its launch. Its primary use has been tipping users on Reddit and Twitter for popular or funny posts. Dogecoins can be traded for dollars and other cryptocurrencies at online exchanges like for example, for Bitcoin (DOGE/BTC). If you would like to know how much one Dogecoin costs or what price it is today, then check out our converter: [Converter Tool]

buy dogecoin

It is possible to¬†buy dogecoin¬†directly when you have bitcoins by using platforms such as Paxful. This site allows anyone to easily purchase DOGE with many different kinds of online payment options. It’s one of the easiest ways to acquire DOGE if you already have bitcoins.

But maybe you do not want to buy it with BTC; many other cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase Dogecoin. Probably the best known is Ethereum (DOGE/ETH). At this moment, Ether has increased in value over the last few months, and it now allows traders to buy DOGE easily. Other options could be Litecoin (DOGE/LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (DOGE/BCH), which both support Dogecoin. However, the best way would probably be to buy Ether as it has a perfect market position and an of liquidity, then go for the other options if Ether is not available.

Buying DOGE can be done at several exchanges. The best known are probably Bittrex and Poloniex, where you buy it against BTC, ETH, or USDT. You could also try LiteBit .eu or Changelly for buying Dogecoin with Euros or Dollars, respectively. Finally, there is the Dogecoin Reddit page, where you will find a lot of helpful insights on how to acquire DOGE safely.