How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

Top 10 assisted living properties in Illinois

When you are looking for a facility with assisted living, your goal is to ensure that your loved-one’s condition will be happy, safe, and properly cared for, for the remaining years of their lives. Assisted living services are meant for people who can’t live by themselves but do not really require medical attention. Most people who seek the services of an assisted living facility require assistance in three daily living activities. These include daily routines like bathing, eating, dressing up, toileting and even moving to and from a wheelchair. Regardless of how realistic you are of your goals, it can be overwhelming to choose even from Top 10 assisted living properties in Illinois.

Look into the Location

Most often the major consideration is to find a facility in the local area. This will make sure that you will be close to your loved-one. Bear in mind that the location of the facility also affects the manner in which it operates. This is particularly because of the laws of the area.

Top 10 assisted living properties in Illinois

Consider the Size

When you say size, you have to consider not only the physical space and accommodation. In the US alone, the smallest facility has 4 beds while the largest has 500. Size affects patients in various ways, but when you are searching for an assisted living facility, what is more important is staff-to-resident ratio. This ratio affects the attitude of the staff and workers towards the patients. Size also has an effect on the types of services that the facility can offer.

Check the Cost

Of course you have to be aware of the costs involved when looking for one of the ​​top 10 assisted living properties in Illinois. Majority of those who are in assisted living facilities pay through their personal finances such as savings, long-term care insurance, veteran benefits, and others. Various assisted living facilities allow patients to pay in various ways from paying an upfront cost to paying a monthly rent and following a tiered system.

Look Carefully into the Services

There are usual services that are offered by assisted living facilities. These include  housekeeping, dining services, exercise and fitness programs, socialization, etc. Some services are also tailored, according to the specific health needs of the patient. Some facilities also invest in various programs that are intended to improve the patient’s quality of life. These include art therapy, community outings, piano lounges, computer lessons, and even pet therapy. That’s why you should ask about what amenities the facility offers to bring the outside world closer to your loved-one.